Every presentation is a story. Every slide is a scene.

We went through five steps to create a great presentation. But if you’ve been following the principles of presentation management, by now you understand that presentations are corporate assets with long-term value – not just one-and-done.

So how do you take the principles of good storytelling, combined with visualization, emotion and sensory stimulation, and create presentations that any employee can take apart and repurpose for his or her own use? After all, in a large organization, a lot of different people are making presentations with different purposes. Every presentation could very well have a different beginning, middle and end. It’s not one-size-fits-all. We want to empower everyone to be able to create great stories with the library of slides provided.

Make sure every slide is a scene in the bigger story. Each slide should be able to stand on its own. Think of a slide as its own subplot within the story. That way, when your team starts mixing the slides in ways that you never dreamed of, they will still create a professional, branded presentation that’s on message.