Launch in Phases

If your company is a large enterprise with 1,000-plus users dispersed over several different divisions, start small. Pick a subset -- one division and its content. First off, it makes content collection easier. You only have to collect and organize content for one product instead of 15. Second, a pilot team of 50 instead of 500 is much easier to manage. It gives you an opportunity to work out the kinks before going live to the entire organization.

When U.S. Bank started deploying presentation management, its objective was to implement the solution across the organization, for 1,000 users. But it started small, with 100 users, and progressively added content and users every month. The bank hosted regular training sessions for new users, and was able to accept feedback and make changes as it went along. Management created a cycle of add content, train, get feedback, adjust, add more content, train another group, get feedback, adjust, and keep going. It was a step-by-step process of managed growth. Through that process, the bank onboarded its goal of 1,000 users, and then got 500 additional requests to join the system. Word got out, and presentation management spread throughout the bank.