As U.S. Bank’s Scott Welvaert said, the time required to put together presentations after implementing a presentation management solution dropped from five hours to five minutes. In its most basic form, presentation management empowers presenters to easily find and reuse compliant content for their specific meeting. So the tedious hours employees would have spent searching around the network for existing content or writing and designing content even when that’s not their skill set, become a simple keyword search. Type in a few words, find the right slide and drag and drop it into a new presentation. The four hours and 55 minutes saved can be better spent learning more about a particular client and building new relationships with new clients. The presenters have more time to actually conduct their business.

Presentation management gives the marketing and compliance departments – who typically create content -- an effective means to distribute their work, ensure its use and reuse, and track slides and files to see what’s resonating in the field. The company can control content to ensure that everyone is using the right, up-to-date content with the proper brand standards, messaging and disclosure statements. Those departments no longer lose days derailed by last-minute requests, “Hey, can you help me find that slide? I have a meeting in 20 minutes and I need some data on product AA.”