Presentation Management Increases Productivity

Make your content productive

The core benefit of presentation management is the ability to create great content once, and then make it available to anyone in the organization to use over and over again. Typically, that content is a PowerPoint deck, but it could also be a video, PDF brochure, white paper or infographic. The format doesn’t matter. What matters is the ability to take any piece of content and unleash it across the organization.

Consider the cost of paying all those highly skilled marketers, writers, designers, producers, analysts and other subject matter experts to plan, produce, execute, measure and then revise presentation content. It adds up to an estimated $1 billion per year. Organizations are making a monumental investment in their content. Unfortunately, some 70 percent of content created by marketing goes unused, according to Translations GlobalLink. And over 90 percent is never reused. Companies are squandering $900 million of marketing assets annually. Yikes!

Put that content to work. Put it in a cloud location, where presenters can easily find what they need and drop it into decks. That will get you a better return on your marketing investment. An effective presentation management strategy will direct the best content to the employees who need it, when they need it. Presentation management will make it easy for the user to find files and slides, and then repurpose them for their meeting. They don’t have to start from scratch re-creating a slide that already exists somewhere, if only they could find it. It also means presenters can access content when they are actually in the meeting, face to face with the client. So when the client throws a curve-ball question that the presenter hadn’t anticipated, she can go to the presentation library on the fly and present content that answers the client’s question. She doesn’t have to “wing it” or tell the client that she’ll send that info over later.

Presentation management means the right content is directed to the right person at the right time. So naturally, the content gets used more – and more effectively. The more content gets used, the more value it has. Presentation management gives a higher return on your company’s investment in content.