The Next Step: Making Presentations Intelligent

At first, presentation management might seem like it’s taking PowerPoint and other files and putting them in a cloud with a few frills. But there’s another aspect of presentations that comes alive once they are managed in a cloud environment where they can be tracked.

Presentations throw off data. Every word and pixel is data. Every time a slide gets used, the data can tell us who used it, and where and how it was used. The data can tie sales presentations, for instance, to deals closed, which means the data could show which slides helped sell the most product.

All of that data can be captured and analyzed in ways that help make every presentation better. Presentation management tracks usage of files and slides in different scenarios. This provides a concrete understanding of what files, what messages and what products are being used and by whom.

Presentation management includes social tools for users in the field to give feedback in real time, associated with real content and activity. Users can comment and collaborate on files and slides through conversation threads, comments, likes, etc. in real time, spontaneously. It’s like Facebook, except for marketing material instead of someone’s vacation. (As Alex says: I know I’d rather look at sunsets on a sandy beach than last quarter’s sales figures, too. But we need those sales to afford the beach vacation.)

The combination of data and anecdotes from the field provides a full picture of how the content is performing in the field, and where and how to make adjustments to your message and content as your business evolves.