A smart presentation management strategy ensures a content repository that is accessible on the fly. Wherever you are, whomever you are with, it gives you quick access to critical company information. You are empowered to speak intelligently, and correctly, about any aspect of your company’s business. All good salespeople prepare for meetings, of course. They study their client’s business and study the company’s products to ensure that they are offering – presenting -- the best solution for that client. But clients throw curve balls. There’s always that one question, “Our problem isn’t so much about AA but really about BB.” Even if you’ve spent weeks researching AA for this meeting, with presentation management, you can switch gears and discuss BB with that client. All the BB content is accessible. So as a speaker, you don’t have to miss a beat.

With that arsenal of company information supporting you, you don’t have to bluff or give that meeting-killer response, “I’ll get back to you on that later.” You can instead lead a deep, interactive discussion with your client. When the client asks a question, whether you were prepared for it or not, you can still answer correctly and intelligently. Question and answer leads to more discussion, more active participation from the client. When the client is talking, you are learning more about her business. What you home in on from her feedback, you can then turn into a better solution, and tell a better story about how you can help them – a story that sells.

So now you’ve spent less time creating a riveting and compliant presentation that actually encourages deeper discussion with your client. Through this process, you’ve built more credibility and trust. Clients who trust you buy from you. Colleagues who trust you work harder for and with you.

Who in your company communicates instinctively, naturally? The CEO. CEOs can field any question about any aspect of the business, right off the cuff. They are charismatic, natural storytellers who motivate those around them, whether they are customers, investors or employees. Their knowledge affords them credibility. Their stories inspire. That’s why they get named as CEOs!

A well-executed presentation management strategy helps everyone at the company speak with the dexterity of the CEO. It combines the detailed information needed to inform, with the storytelling needed to inspire and the flexibility to present anywhere, anytime, with anyone – just like a skilled CEO.