Director of Presentation Management

Presentation management is a disciplined approach to executing that strategy. The strategy guides who in your organization can present what message, to whom and when. It balances the objectives of the enterprise with the individual’s needs. The approach is similar to any other marketing communications discipline, like advertising, public relations and event marketing. It has a similar process: define objectives, plan, execute, measure and then revise.

The director of presentation management, with the help of strategists, should spearhead your company’s presentation management effort.

This person, or task force depending on the size and complexity of your company, should have an understanding of your company’s messaging and branding. This role ensures that the presentation material is consistent with the company’s mission. He should also have an understanding of the company’s product and service lines to determine what kind of content to include in the library. Your presentation director should be a relatively senior executive who understands the business, its sub-divisions and has a sense of what the team members need to succeed in their roles. This is a role that probably already exists in your company. Someone or group, usually in marketing, has taken on this task by default because it’s important.

Think of a museum curator who assembles the best collection of art. The presentation director is going to curate the best collection of your company’s slides. He may source corporate communications to get the high-level content about the company. Then, to address the day-to-day presentation needs of individuals, the director can source content about specific products and services. In bigger companies, the presentation director usually delegates this task to managers from each division.

Cooper Standard, a global enterprise with over 100 locations across four continents, sourced content from each product line and region to create a comprehensive library. Get the content from the subject matter experts, wherever they are.

Once the content is collected, the director can organize the high-level corporate content with the detailed product content into one central cloud location. A presentation director is the curator of presentation content.