“PowerPoint is going social!” Kristin Shevis, Chief Customer Officer for Clarifai, exclaimed when we explained the social capability of our Shufflrr app. It’s like Facebook or Instagram except the subject matter is your presentation content instead of your vacation pictures. (Yeah, I know, I’d prefer to see sandy beaches over org charts any day.) Users can follow, like, rate, comment and converse about files and slides.

Social provides spontaneous feedback in The Wheel, helping to improve the content’s quality for its next evolution. When you are collaborating with colleagues, you can see their comments directly on the slide or the file they affect, and then you can respond. Permissioned users can also see the conversation thread, so everyone can understand the context of the file and see how and why it evolved to its latest iteration. On an enterprise level, users can give direct feedback to their presentation team about the content in real time. They can write a quick comment about what’s good on a slide, or bad, or how a client reacted in a meeting given 15 minutes ago. It helps the presentation director asses the quality of the content, what’s resonating in the field and why, and provides direction for edits and updates going forward. Social also provides a means to give input and share knowledge among the entire group, rather than waiting for that next big status meeting. And let’s be honest, by the time that status meeting comes around, you’ve forgotten about that slide anyway. That’s why presentation management has commenting and other social features built in, to keep the feedback loop continual and timely.