How Presentation Management Transforms Content

Once cloud storage, active files, slide libraries, visualization and search are up and running, anyone at your company can use it to build better presentations using the best content from your best people. And as that discipline spreads throughout your organization, you will notice some very interesting effects on the culture of presentations.

The old idea of one-and-done presentations fades away, and a new culture of reuse takes over. And the more a file and slide are reused, the more productive they become, and the higher the return on your content investment. Here are other ways the concept of presentations changes after the implementation of presentation management.

Employees create new presentations from existing content. They will use a slide or file many times over again in different presentations for different meetings. More bang for your buck. Find the slide and file you need, when you need it, and then create a custom presentation using that file or slide. Presentation management strategy expedites this process.

Internal and external usage gets easier. When companies think enterprise, they think internal for their employees only. That’s great for company employees who are collaborating on a project and can all access the material and review it together through the same drive. But presentation management also includes external usage. Those same files, accessible from the same repository, can be shared on-demand with a client or partner outside of the enterprise. Presentation management includes the ability to share and collaborate externally, via shared links, webinars or chats.

Internal and external usage is controlled through permissions and security. So your company can still manage how, where and with whom files and slides are shared. Confidential information will stay that way. One version of the content – one source of truth -- can be used in multiple scenarios. This limits the need for multiple versions in different locations. One enterprise asset, repurposed for different needs.

Presentation management can change the overall meeting experience. Old-school linear presentations, prepared the day before and followed slide by slide, force the presenter to talk at his audience. No one likes to be talked at. With accessible files, the presenter can comfortably go “off-slides” because he has the content to support his message. At the same time, the other meeting attendees are encouraged to participate and contribute to the meeting. The result is less proselytizing and more conversation, which means that more information gets shared and everyone is more productive. The presentation follows the conversation.