AlexAnndra and James first and foremost want thank all of our clients -- those that have hired us and even fired us over the years. Their input and insights helped us learn and develop better presentation solutions, and ultimately provided the information that filled these pages.

We’d also like to thank our families and friends for their support over the years: April Darrow, Richard Darrow, Anne Phillips, Jeff Stewart, Fehmi Zeko, Bonnie Halper, Alison Malloy and Kristin Shevis who have listened to us harp, ruminate and contemplate as we labored through the process of running a business and writing a book.

Above all, a thank-you to Kevin Maney, who guided us and helped us put our ideas into words that someone might actually want to read.

AlexAnndra Ontra and James Ontra are co-founders of Shufflrr. The siblings grew up in Connecticut and then moved to Texas where AlexAnndra graduated from The University of Texas at Austin and James from the University of Houston. They have been business partners for over twenty years, developing presentation software and consulting with Fortune 1,000-level clients. They both live in New York City where Shufflrr is based.

AlexAnndra & James Ontra