Powerful sales pitches close more deals.

A visual slide library that empowers reps at all stages of a presentation from the creation, to a dynamic delivery and reporting. Better presentation management puts reps in control of their content and the client relationship.

Take flexibility to the next level with:

Dynamic presentations
Content reuse

Faster content creation
Branding consistency

Every file is a slide, ready to present.

PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, Image, Video, Audio, all of the files you use everyday. Shufflrr formats them as slides, so you can preview, share, present and customize them for your individual meeting. Shufflrr makes files, and subsequently reps, more productive.

The presentation follows the conversation.

When clients have questions, you immediately have answers with Shufflrr’s interactive slide library. Search and present a slide or file in seconds, as the conversation progresses.

Visual slide library with search makes it easy to find slides.

Find that one great slide, whether it’s a PowerPoint, PDF, infographic or video in minutes and create your custom deck for your meeting.

Use templates to build presentations at a moment’s notice.

With Shufflrr’s presentation builder, assembling a compliant presentation takes minutes, instead of hours.

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