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Get unparalleled control over your Enterprise Storytelling with advanced publishing capabilities. Shufflrr’s AI Slide Library and centralized command center ensure accountability and confidence that only the most up-to-date, accurate and approved slides are used throughout the organization – so everyone involved looks good.

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Take control of the message

Lock in one source of truth

Shufflrr’s centralized publishing hub helps protect your enterprise’s story, brand and reputation.  Built on the foundation of your AI Slide Library, everyone in the organization has access to the same brand guidelines, compliant language, and winning presentations. That means you’re not relying on version control or files named “FINAL,” and the company’s image and message are never compromised.

Create smart permissions

Delegate with confidence.

Our robust permission structure provides guardrails for your AI Slide Library. You’ll have the ultimate controlled environment for publishing presentations: AI that learns exclusively from your internally approved data, and centralized administration that manages who can access and edit each slide. With Shufflrr, you can rest assured that the right information stays in the right hands.


Streamline your presentation workflow

Make collaboration more manageable.

Shufflrr’s workflows transform your Enterprise Storytelling into a well-oiled machine. By establishing a clear pathway from content creation, through approvals, to presenting to an audience, Shufflrr ensures effective, efficient Presentation Management. And with smooth collaboration and ensured compliance throughout the process, everyone involved consistently looks good.

Content Manager at US Bank

​We were reinventing the wheel every time. Then we started Presentation Management. What used to take 5 hours now takes 5 minutes.

Dahlia Jenkins Product Marketing Manager, Charter Communications

​Shufflrr enabled us to set up one central repository to share and review content which was user-friendly, efficient, and provided more insights.

Aimee Price, Learning & Development

Our message must be consistent every step of the way. Shufflrr keeps us confident in a competitive industry.

Case Study

How ISS manages FDA approval presentations with Shufflrr

With human lives and billions of dollars on the line, Innovative Science Solutions trusts Shufflrr to help organize and deliver its presentations and content, leading to faster and more successful FDA Approvals for Pharma Clients.

Advanced Strategy & Design Services

Beyond software and technical support, we offer robust strategy, design and training services. It’s all a part of our mission to help you tell the smartest, most compelling stories possible.


Jumpstart your Shufflrr experience with a Strategic Storytelling design sprint. We’ll dive deep to uncover, craft and communicate a strategically sound Enterprise Story.


Ensure visual consistency and boost the “WOW” factor of your presentations with custom designed templates, graphics, animations and other brand assets.


Lock in a competitive advantage for any important presentation – from sales pitches to thought leadership talks – with targeted communication consulting & coaching.

What else Shufflrr can do

But that’s not all, folks...

With Shufflrr you get full Enterprise Storytelling and Presentation Management capabilities. Read on to learn about what else we can do for you.


Create cohesive AI presentations in a flash.


Make your slides smarter (and more sales-savvy) with AI.

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