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Get access to creative content from Getty Images in PowerPoint 

Get the world’s leading creative photos and images with Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint Plugin.

getty images in PowerPoint plugin by Shufflrr

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Presentation Management right from PowerPoint

Apply branded templates to new presentations

Brand Central allows you to automatically ensure all your slides are brand compliant, with just one click.

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Switch between multiple presentations from your PowerPoint window

No need to exit your PowerPoint window to find slides. You can do it from within...just scroll through your presentations under Shufflrr Presentation Management panel.

Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint Plugin automatically creates a slide library right inside PowerPoint

It gives you access to all your folders and files, images and videos, so you can search and preview to find that one great slide, and one-click add it to the deck you are working on. You can also connect your Shufflrr site and enjoy your organized enterprise slide library the same way.

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Get access to word's leading creative images right from your PPT window

Captivate your audience with licensed creative images while avoiding copyright infringement 

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Screenshot of Shufflrr for Windows Plugin with Getty Images

Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint Plugin screenshot of Brand Central feature
Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint Plugin screenshot of toggle between pptxs feature
Slide Library feature in Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint Plugin
Screenshot of Shufflrr for Windows Plugin with Getty Images

Shufflrr's PowerPoint Plug-In

Find and re-use slides, images and videos without having to open a bunch folders and files. With Shufflrr Plugin, your files, slides, and branded templates are right at your fingertips, within your PowerPoint window.

1 Locate slides without opening a separate PowerPoint presentation

Effortlessly search, preview, and select slides from different PowerPoints without leaving your presentation. Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint Plugin enables seamless file access, letting you find and choose slides directly within PowerPoint. No more browsing through multiple files – streamline your presentation workflow.

Apply branded, beautiful templates with Brand Central

Everyone's on brand and on message with Brand Central. It lets you distribute branded slides, templates, fonts and colors, so your team can look good with the latest corporate brand and message.

3 ChatGPT integration with PowerPoint

Say hello to your AI-powered presentation assistant. Create and enhance your presentations right from PowerPoint in a matter of seconds. Just type in your prompt, and and Shufflrr AI Plugin for PowerPoint will create a presentation for you.

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