Onboarding Packages

Give us your mess of files and we will shufflrr them into a structured story

Slide MAid


Package includes:

Content structure consultation
Slide clean-up
25 slide adaptations
Video, image, and PDF incorporation
Company image library

One administrative training
30-minute end user training
Startup template library
2-3 weeks

Templates include title, chapter title, close, agenda, text, image and biography



Package includes all of slide maid plus:

Graphic design consultation
Branding update with 2 revisions
+25 slides (50 total)
1 animated process slide
Structured slide library

Two administrative trainings
Two 30-minute end user trainings
Branding template library
3-6 weeks

Templates include timeline, case study, bar chart, pie chart, line chart, comparison



Package includes all of branding plus:

+50 slides (100 total)

Opening logo animation (:10 long)
+2 animated process slides (3 total)

Three administrative trainings
Three 30-minute end user trainings
Animation template library
4-8 weeks

Templates include organizational chart, locations map, timeline, case study, bar chart, pie chart, line chart, comparison

Presentation Management Onboarding Overview

Consult: Structured Slide Library

We will customize a story structure based on your company’s organization and communications goals. Branding assets, images, videos, PDFs, slides, and templates will be sales- and marketing-ready to be included in new presentations, updated over time, and reused

Slide Design Template Development

Your business’s branding and design elements will guide development of PowerPoint assets. With our branding package, we’ll help create your presentation playbook.

Slide Adaptations

We will create new slides for your structured story based on your design templates. Larger packages include a greater number of slide adaptations.

Videos, Images, and PDFs too

With Shufflrr, your structured story isn’t limited to PowerPoint — it includes videos, images, and PDFs. They are all formatted as slides and ready to present.

Company Image Library

Your sales and marketing assets are not “one-and-done.” With Shufflrr, your images (and other files) are organized into an indexed and searchable library, where they are easy to find and easy to re-use.