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PowerPoint Search Engine
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Organizing takes time. Make your enterprise’s content library immediately searchable and accessible.

Supports all file types and metadata.


Upload all your enterprise content — PowerPoint presentations, images, videos, and documents. Shufflrr will index the text content and metadata of your files immediately, building your library.

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Try the uploading tool on our Getting Started page to upload folders and files recursively, saving time and getting you to your content faster.


Shufflrr is now the search engine for your content. Find important files and slides from across your enterprise with powerful, granular elastic search supporting advanced fine-tuning properties.

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Use advanced search features to find the content you need.

Elastic search compiles results near instantaneously, providing you with a breakdown of the content it located and additional filtering options.

Refine your search by looking in specific PowerPoint slides components, or filtering by:

  • File type
  • Author
  • Created date
  • Recent modification date
  • Folder location
  • Comments

Save your search queries, filters, parameters. When you repeat a specific search often, it’s easy to select it from your saved searches.

Tag your content to help your team find your content later.

Tags are custom metadata you can apply to any file. When your team needs to find content you’ve made, they can search for tags you applied.

Every file can have multiple tags applied. Organize by time, department, audience, project, and more.

Use the Save Search button to execute the same search at a later time. Your entire search configuration will be saved.

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