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Learn how Presentation Management can transform the growth trajectory of your business!

Presentation Hell & Presentation Management Books

Presentation Hell

Discover in the pages of Presentation Hell  how Shufflrr founders, James Ontra and AlexAnndra Ontra, unveil the secrets to transforming your enterprise’s presentation experience from dull and burdensome to dynamic and highly rewarding.


Presentation Management: The New Strategy for Enterprise Content

For anyone grappling with the mess of PowerPoints in their company, Presentation Management is a practical strategy for presentation frustration.

Geetesh Bajaj, Author of Cutting Edge PowerPoint for Dummies, Microsoft MVP

The Definitive Guide to Presentation Management

This comprehensive eBook teaches our most closely guarded tactics, techniques, strategies, and ideas – all built on our decades of experience implementing Presentation Management solutions. We cover everything from our deepest learnings to very granular, step-by-step processes.


AlexAnndra Ontra, Shufflrr

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