AI PowerPoint Productivity Tool

Freemium plan

Max 4 users
Max 5 GB files


For teams

$30 user/month, min 5 users Unlimited storage

For enterprises

$7500 Onboarding + $30 user/month

Freemium plan:

Shufflrr Plugin and Cloud access

Max 4 users
Max 5 GB files

Free, Download now


Shufflrr Plugin and Cloud access

Unlimited Storage Limit, File Sharing & Internal AI Data

Enterprise package:

Slide Library Curation

$7500 onboarding +$30 user/month

+ Teams package

Getting started with Shufflrr is as easy as 1-2-3.




Deliver your organization’s presentations, videos and other files to Shufflrr


Create a Slide Library from your files and assets, develop strategic story structures, organize presentations into chapters, and make data-driven suggestions to create consistency and compliance




Review our work, explore your Shufflrr Slide Library with us, and provide feedback


Finalize your Slide Library and work with you to set user permissions and groups




Celebrate a new world of smart, fast, easy Presentation Management and Enterprise Storytelling


Support your enterprise-wide launch with team training and help you celebrate your next-level presentations

Advanced Strategy & Design Services

We offer additional services to make your presentations even better, from shaping your narrative to enhancing persuasive pitches. For design and strategy, our services are tailored to your unique requirements, and we're ready to discuss the possibilities with you at your convenience.

Story Enterprise Storytelling Strategy

Don’t have a clear enterprise story? We’ll take your team through a one-day Strategic Storytelling Sprint to quickly and clearly define your key messages and story flow. Combined with the material in your Slide Library, you’ll have the structure and assets to empower your entire organization to tell smart stories and build powerful presentations.

Design Presentation Design Support

Need your brand assets turned into slides and templates? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s designed decks, custom graphics and animations, or refreshing your materials, you can count on us to craft presentation visuals you can be proud of. (Don’t love your current brand? We can even bring in our partners to help you develop a new one.)

Pitch Pitch Consulting & Coaching

Have an important presentation on the horizon? We can help you prepare. From selecting the content and developing the flow, to training on presentation skills and giving real-time pitch feedback and recommendations, we’re here to make sure your teams have everything they need to win when it matters most.

Get started with Shufflrr

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