Enterprise Presentation Management

Presentation Management

Presentation Management is better content management and the best way to tell your company’s story. Shufflrr keeps your messaging, branding, images, data, and more synchronized throughout your business’s presentation library.

  • Content is easier to find, easier to reuse, and easier to track.
  • Shufflrr makes it easier to put together new presentations.

Shufflrr cuts time creating new presentations from 5 hours to 5 minutes.” — U.S. Bank

Your business. Your story.

Every presentation is a story.
Every slide is a scene.

Slide Library

All files are formatted as slides, ready to present. It’s easy to find that one great slide, and customize it and drag-n-drop it into a new presentation. Or, just present it on the spot.


Slide Updating

Shufflrr can distribute updated PowerPoint slides to individual presentations through parent/child slide inheritance. Your team presents with branded, accurate, and legally compliant content every time.

PowerPoint Search Engine

Contextual search with key word results highlighted on the slide.


Reduction in time spent preparing presentations.

Shufflrr cut time creating new presentations from 5 hours to 5 minutes.

U.S. Bank Executive
From a tangled mess of slides.
To an organized slide library.
Get started.

Getting started is free and easy.

Create a portal for your organization and begin uploading your content to create your slide library.

Select content that speaks to your brand and mission.

Allow your content to tell your corporate story.

Leverage your slide library to close more deals.

Read our How-To Guides to get started.

Structured Storytelling

When your content structure reflects your company structure, your business tells better stories.

Subsidiaries & Acquisitions

Unify structural content components for your subsidiaries with a content structure that reflects the shape of your business.

Business Units

Achieve seamless multi-tenancy with presentation management’s powerful permissioning and sectioning capablities.

Regional Branches

Maintain branding and messaging consistency for your franchises and regional branches beyond what is capable with typical CMS.


Collect your PowerPoints, videos, images, PDFs, and other marketing materials to one centralized location.


From a linear PowerPoint slide sequence to structured global storytelling for the global scale.


Your corporate story is now available globally for people to reuse and retell your story. Communicate better.

The most powerful developer API of any content management system.

100% of Shufflrr functionality can be accessed and leveraged via our API. Integrate and automate the flow of content, presentations, graphs, figures, videos, and more. Get started with the crucial developer links below.

Privacy & Security

Shufflrr’s privacy and security features are trusted by industry leaders. All your data, content, files, presentations, and personal information are protected; never used or sold.

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