Enterprise Presentation Management

Enterprise Presentation Management

Presentations are used for the most important meetings in your enterprise, with content from the smartest minds in your company. Shufflrr, the leader in presentation management, streamlines content workflow so everyone can use and re-use the best content for their best meetings.

Presentation management
Visual drag-n-drop slide library

Organization-wide updates
Detailed presentation reporting


Reduction in time spent preparing presentations.

Shufflrr cut time creating new presentations from 5 hours to 5 minutes.

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Collect your best slides.
Organize them into folders.
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Select content that speaks to your brand and mission.

Allow your content to tell your corporate story.
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All files are formatted as slides, ready to be presented.

Find that one slide or that one file and reuse it. Drag & drop it into your own custom presentations, send it to a client, or broadcast it live. With Shufflrr’s slide library PowerPoint slides, video and other files are easy to find and reuse.

Slide updating across your enterprise keeps branding and message compliance.

Everyone on your team presents with branded, accurate, and legally compliant content. Shufflrr can distribute updated PowerPoint slides to individual presentations through parent/child slide inheritance.

Join a live presentation.

Enter the ID provided by your presenter.

Live presentations are powered by PowerPoint slides rendered as HTML5 in your browser. Shufflrr enables presenters to dynamically and seamlessly switch between slides both within and external to the current slide sequence.

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