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Presentation Management Powerpoint Plugin For Sales & Marketing Teams

Add more power to your presentations with Shufflrr, the presentation management platform

that helps your sales and marketing team create brand-consistent, compliant decks

Stock photo of coworkers high-fiving over a successful pitch

Getty Images for PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations

Enhance your professional presentations with beautiful licensed creative content from Getty Images by Shufflrr

Close more deals with better slides

Centralized Slide Repository

Managing presentations across your entire organization is easy, with a centralize slide library that puts branded, compliant slides at everyone’s fingertips.

Find slides Faster

Visual search

PowerPoint, Word, PDF, and Video files, are all indexed and searchable. Finding the perfect slide is as easy as a keystroke.

Brand consistency and compliance

Slide updating

With automatic slide updates, you can rest easy, knowing that your company’s visuals, messaging and legal compliance are perpetually on-point.

Dahlia Jenkins Product Marketing Manager

​Shufflrr enabled us to set up one central repository to share and review content which was user-friendly, efficient, and provided more insights.

Aimee Price Learning & Development, Royal Caribbean

​Our message must be consistent every step of the way. Shufflrr keeps us confident in a competitive industry.

us bank
Content Manager at US Bank

​We were reinventing the wheel every time. Then we started Presentation Management. What used to take 5 hours now takes 5 minutes.

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