Remote Work

Where content meets communication.

Communicate directly from your slide library with the most current, branded version of any file. File and brand management can get messy when everyone is working from their own home, using their own machine with unreliable access to your company’s file storage.

Host meetings
Share content
Full content access during calls

Track asset usage
Maintain branding
Sync and propagate updates

Host meetings and presentations with unprecedented quality.

  • In-browser presentation rendering
  • Interactive access to Shufflrr slide library
  • Live audio and video transmission
  • Audience communication control
  • Session logs and reporting

Slide library where all files are visualized and productive.

All files are formatted as slides, ready to present, share, edit and customize.

Find assets quickly.

Search and sort content, with key words highlighted so you can locate that one file or slide. Then, put it to work. Present it, share it, edit it, and drag and drop it into a new presentation.

Detailed reporting tracks file and user activity.

When your team is remote, you need accurate timely data to make better content decisions going forward. Run reports by meeting, share, view, download, upload, udpate, delete, login, and more. Shufflrr tells you what your team and your files are doing.

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