Presentations are brand assets.

Your organization has spent millions, even billions, building the brand and crafting the message. It’s in all marketing communications – website, TV, PR, social, digital, events. But when it comes to presentations, everyone is on their own. The quality varies, and when the meeting’s over, the file gets lost somewhere on the network.  An asset wasted. Shufflrr turns one-and-done decks into enterprise assets that can be used over and over again. Like any other element in the communications mix.

Re-use content
Brand and message compliance
Better ROI for content

Empower sales
Reporting and metrics
Font, color, template control

US Bank
Royal Caribbean

Every presentation is branded.

70% of marketing collateral lacks strict branding guideline adherence. Keep your presentations color and font-perfect with Brand Central.

Slide updates ensure compliance.

One source of truth. When you updated a parent slide, it will progogate to all childe presentations — i.e. presentations created from that one slide. One version across your enterprise.

Control and flexiblity

Lock slides and lock down the message. Unlock slides and let your users edit and customize copy and images for their specific meeting.

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