Make it easy for to keep your brand in all presentations.

You don’t have to sacrifice your brand for speed and flexibility. With Shufflrr, each individual can create a presentation that’s on brand, on message, and above all compliant in minutes.

Branding synchronization
Aggregate reusable content
Avoid content waste

Empower sales
Refine your messaging
Font, color, template control

US Bank
Royal Caribbean

Enforce branding consistency.

70% of marketing collateral lacks strict branding guideline adherence. Keep your presentations color and font-perfect with Brand Control.

Synchronize slides and images to all users.

When you update slides, files, and images, it’s important that all members of your sales and marketing teams have the most up-to-date content. With Version Control, propagating changes is a breeze.

Control slide sequences and user permissions.

Create the perfect slide sequence for communicating value and lock the sequence to prevent users from making modifications.

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