A strictly compliant content library for pharmaceutical MSLs and representatives.

Presentation management for the pharmaceutical industry ensures MSLs and reps have a library of locked, compliant slides—both branded and unbranded—they can uniquely configure for any meeting.

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Uphold critical compliance standards.

Pharmaceutical presentations may contain hundreds of slides with detailed, scientific data. Shufflrr enables your enterprise to organize slides and slide sequences, propagate compliant slide updates, and search all content using deep asset indexing.

Files are slides ready to be presented.

Your content, images, videos, PDFs, and other files are seamlessly integrated into presentation format. Give your audience a viewing experience without hiccups.



Push slide updates to all users of specific content.

Enforcing compliance means ensuring your MSL’s have accurate, up-to-date information. With Shufflrr, you can distribute updated slides to your team’s custom presentations. Rest assured that everyone is presenting the right data along with the proper disclosures.

Reporting tracks usage of your slides and files among your users.

Configure reports to understand which assets are resonating with your target, which aren’t, and then make smarter content decisions going forward.



Use builder templates to assemble slide sequences quickly.

Keep relevant slides together so they may be reused and applied to several presentations. Select the topics you wish to discuss and all important information will be added to your presentation in the order you define. Sequences can intermix to place additional details in the most contextual places.

Allow your content to evolve. Don’t recreate it.

Our presentations don’t die, they evolve.

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Presentation Management Workflow


Presentation management in pharmaceutical enterprises.

We wrote the book. Find out how to store and manage presentations so slides can easily be used, reused, shared, updated, tracked and organized across your entire organization.

Your slides will become smart – embedded with data and analytics so you can actually gauge their performance.

This is a guide on how to adopt presentation management, make it work, and use it to drive change in your presentation culture.

Shufflrr behind your firewall

We provide the Shufflrr presentation management software and all the help you need to set it up. To install Shufflrr, you will need:

  • Windows server
  • MS SQL
  • 500+ users minimum

More information available upon request.


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