Financial Services

Bankers rely on detailed presentations with live data.

Give your wealth managers a slide library comprised of all the data they need to present to clients each day. Financial data is updated within presentations in real-time and formatted as slides ready to present. Shufflrr provides a powerful slide library that allows managers in the field to adapt presentations to their client’s conversation.


Reduction in time spent preparing presentations.

Shufflrr cut time creating new presentations from 5 hours to 5 minutes.

U.S. Bank Executive

A searchable slide library for PowerPoint.

Find the slide you need in seconds with Shufflrr’s advanced, visual search that indexes all text, and highlights keywords in the search results. You can see context of a slide or phrase within the whole file and then drag and drop it into your own custom deck.

Connect your slides to external data sources.

We can connect data on your slides to an external data sources like Excel, SQL, XML, RSS,  JSON, oData, Microsoft SharePoint, OLE DB and ODBC databases, so your Shufflrr slides are always up-to-date and published with real-time client data.

Link slides for compliant presentations.

Shufflrr is a turnkey solution for compliance. Link slide modules together either in sequence or free form to ensure that all required disclosure statements are included with every deck, or just to be sure that the brand message is presented properly

Push slide updates to all users.

Enforcing compliance means that wealth managers, advisors and bankers present with accurate data and updated disclosures. Not to mention the latest brand and message. Shufflrr’s slide updating ensures that your bank maintains both its brand and regulatory integrity.

Detailed reporting to assess content.

Configure reports to understand which assets are resonating with your target,which aren’t, and then make smarter content decisions going forward.

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