Developer API

100% of Shufflrr functionality can be automated.

Our API is exhaustive, allowing reproduction of all features and functionality available through the web interface. Integrate Shufflrr with any data or content platform to keep the latest figures in your sales team’s hands at all times.

Developer Resources

Shufflrr documentation is available at ReadTheDocs. Access full exposed endpoint details via our Swagger API page.

For development assistance, please contact

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Shufflrr provides case-by-case assistance creating custom integrations for enterprise clients in all industries. Because all Shufflrr functions can be used in automation, data modeling is best done as necessary. View the library to get started.

The Shufflrr Uploader tool is a modular app which instantly and recursively uploads or updates all files in a chosen directory to the specified Shufflrr folder. Using the library, the core requests required are made simple and data is extracted using JSON lenses.

Install the compiled Shufflrr Uploader app.

Shufflrr Uploader’s codebase is open source and platform-agnostic. It is built to ruin on multiple operating systems. The sample project above contains the code for the uploader utility and utilizes the library.

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