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Presentation Builder

The Presentation Builder is a Wizard that groups slides according to subject matter, presents them in a hierarchy, and assembles them into a logical flow of information. For end users, it is a faster, easier to way create a new presentation. They just choose their topics and the rest is done automatically for them. For Administrators, i.e. marketers and compliance officers at the home office, it is a means ensure brand and message compliance.

A Presentation Builder is made up of (usually) short PowerPoint files. A Core deck, and supporting modules.

Foundation Presentation – Mandatory slides, required when presenting about a certain topic. The Core deck serves as the anchor for your builder.

Modules – Optional slides the end-user can select as he creates his presentation. They are put in an assigned position, in relation to the Core Deck.

Sub-Modules – Optional slides that the provided based on the end-user’s choice of Module. They are put in an assigned position, in relation to the Sub-Module.

The example below is a Presentation Builder on the topic of Dogs, where Dogs is the core deck, breeds of dogs serve as choices of Modules, and Lap Dogs serves as a sub-module to Shih Tzu.