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Critical Corporate Storytelling

Every successful company rises with a story. The corporate story is a marketing asset, as with any customer-facing collateral, and serves to build trust and close sales. The product is the hero of your corporate story.

A corporate story explains why a company was formed, the social/industrial conditions of the time period, how the company serves to better their community, and most important, how the company’s products and services solve the problem. All buyers want to be confident in their purchasing decisions.

A part of the buyer’s journey is discovering why a buyer should put their trust in a company. When multiple vendors offer the same product, a corporate story and dedication to customer service will tip the scales. Ask crucial questions like:

  • How do my company’s products and service improve our customers lives?
  • Which of my company values build trust with prospects?
    • e.g. security, privacy, cruelty-free, in-house manufacturing
  • How has my company contributed to the industry’s evolution?
  • Which social movements does my company align with?
  • When has my company made a deliberate choice at a controversial crossroads?
  • Does my corporate story feed into an efficient sales process?

A corporate story is partly written by a company and partly inherent in its actions. For example, Shufflrr is a proponent of presentation software and communication strategy. To further its support for the industry, Shufflrr sponsors Present to Succeed. While this is a detail of a larger picture, it becomes supporting evidence in Shufflrr’s advocacy for effective presentation strategy. Through years or decades of loyalty to the betterment of an industry, companies perpetuate the increase in the rate of sales.

Corporate stories can benefit from supporting visuals, including product photographs, timelines, partner branding, data visualizations, facts, relevant social activity, testimonials from customers, and much more. The difficulty becomes selecting the most important content and organizing it effectively.

Using Shufflrr, businesses form a cohesive corporate story that enlightens prospects without boring them or wasting time. It makes the optimization of presentation content faster and more reliable; it makes selling to the prospect easier. The most effective communication assets are reused, not lost or only used once. With presentation management, all company marketing materials are formatted as a slide, ready to present, and customize for a specific prospect or meeting.

There are three steps to get started converting your mess of linear PowerPoint presentations to structured enterprise assets.

  1. Upload
    • Upload ~25 of your most important presentations, videos, images, PDFs, and case studies. All file types are immediately presentable using Shufflrr’s presentation system or Present Live.
  2. Organize
    • Shufflrr will index your slides and easily allow you to prune duplicates and optimize your library. Use folders to group presentations with relevant marketing assets.
    • Set branding and company properties to facilitate the creation and management of presentations.
  1. Publish
    • Grant users and groups access to relevant content.
    • Select granular permissions to enforce a content policy that will keep your business running smoothly.
    • Save hundreds of hours per year by reusing content and leveraging your published content library.

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