Presentation Management

Content organization for as long as your content exists.

Presentation management is the seed for a successful business journey. People communicate, present, and share content every day. As your content library grows, the difficulty of managing it should not.

Global slide library
Search and discover content
Integrate with partner apps

Empower all teams
Enforce compliance
Message consistently

Presentation management is fundamental content control for all businesses, small and large.
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Royal Caribbean

Immensely powerful asset discovery.

Shufflrr intelligently indexes the building blocks of your content. Embedded text, images, videos, and files are analyzed for content and metadata so you can find the content you need.

A lightning-fast slide library for any browser or device.

Viewing content of any file type occurs instantaneously in your slide library. Shufflrr actively prepares HTML5 renders for your content so you can access it without delay.

Impress your business prospects with dynamic presentations.

PowerPoint presentations within Shufflrr break free of the “linear story restriction.” Deliver a seamless presentation by dynamically jumping between your current slide sequence and other content.

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