Presentation Management

Presentation Management is the new strategy for enterprise content.

All files are formatted as slides, searchable, and ready to present. Whether that means repurposing them for a new presentation or just broadcasting on demand, Shufflrr will make your content and your team more productive.

Drag & drop slide library
All files formatted as slides
Integrate with partner apps

Advanced keyword search
Enforce compliance
Distribute slide updates

Presentation Management is fundamental content control for all businesses, small and large.

Presentations in the Cloud

Presentation Management makes all your files accessible to your teams around the world. Manage regional branches with a system designed to make your job simple. Loss of local files, outdated email attachments, and messaging inconsistency are trials of the past. With an organized slide library, your content communication strategy will become stronger than it has ever been.

Easy Compliance

Your presentations are critical enterprise documents. When prospects and clients need to be presented with specific content in a predetermined sequence, enforcing compliance is important. With Shufflrr, compliance is built into your Presentation Management System. Keep your content up-to-date, sequenced, and aligned without hassle.

Branding & Templating

A business’s colors, fonts, templates, and design are crucial to sending consistent messages and reinforcing the power of its brand. PowerPoint alone does not enforce consistency in branding, especially across your disparate teams and branches. Using Shufflrr, you can ensure all reaches of your business are leveraging the most up-to-date designs and templates when communicating with your clients and prospects.

Content Reuse

The most crucial element of Presentation Management is the ability to reuse content and not waste time or money on recreating content that already exists. Shufflrr encourages discoverability of your content. Text, speaker notes, tags, and metadata are indexed and searchable using granular controls. Never lose track of the content you have invested in.

Data & History

The way your content and branding changes over time is part of a story about your company. There are crucial turning points and milestones where your content changes and your business is changed. Keep track of those moments with Presentation Metrics & Reporting along with a detailed version-controlled history of changes for each and every slide you publish. When you publish with Shufflrr, your content becomes part of your structured corporate story.

Deliver crystal clear presentations remotely. Anywhere on any device.

Presentation Management is more than just productivity-oriented content organization software. Take your content to any audience: your team, business prospects, clients, students, and more.

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Advanced search with highlighted results.

Shufflrr indexes all text within PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF files, as well as file names, tags and other properties. Keywords are highlighted in results so you have full context for the file when you make your selection.


Every presentation is a story; every slide is a scene.

Subsidiaries & Acquisitions

Unify structural content components for your subsidiaries with a content structure that reflects the shape of your business.

Business Units

Achieve seamless multi-tenancy with presentation management’s powerful permissioning and sectioning capablities.

Regional Branches

Maintain branding and messaging consistency for your franchises and regional branches beyond what is capable with typical CMS.


Visual slide library for PowerPoint, video and other file types.

You can view any file and then put it to work in a new presentation or broadcast it live Shufflrr renders content in HTML, so you can use it on demand. Visual files are productive files.

Push slide updates to all users of specific content.

Automatic slides udpates ensure that your team is always using the right version of a slide, and outdated material is retired. Side by side, slide by slide, comparison informs users what’s changed and what has not.


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