Add Shufflrr link to Salesforce

Link Salesforce with Shufflrr

  • In Salesforce, retrieve your Organization ID:
    • Administer > Company Profile > Company Information
  • In Shufflrr settings panel, enable Salesforce Authentication under Authentication
  • Paste your Org ID into the field below and press space once
    • Multiple IDs are supported
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page

Create the Salesforce tab

  • In Salesforce, go to the new tab creation interface:
    • Setup > Create > Tabs > Web Tabs > New Full Page Width
  • Apply the following settings:
    • Tab Type: URL
    • Tab Label, Tab Name: Shufflrr
    • Tab Style: Presenter (optional)
    • Content Frame Height: 720
    • Button URL: https://<your_site>
    • Add to Profiles: Default OFF (optional)
    • Add to Custom Apps: Deselect ALL (optional)

Add the tab to your Salesforce header

  • In Salesforce, click ‘+’ on the tab navigation bar
  • Select Customize My Tabs
  • Add Shufflrr

Get started with Shufflrr

Exploring how Shufflrr can work for your organization is easy. Just click to book a free demo or download our AI-powered plug-in for Windows.