Features Overview

Every file is a slide, ready to present.

Discover the power of presentation management for business. All of your business’s content indexed, visualized, and poised to push your bottom line forward.

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Remote Videoconferencing

Host meetings from the comfort of anywhere with full audience participation control. Presentations are rendered in your audience’s browsers so presentations are always crystal clear.

Visualized elastic search.

Our advanced elastic and fuzzy search algorithms index and pre-render all your content — including slides, documents, videos, and more — to help you locate precise information as you build or deliver presentations.

Dynamic presentations.

Escape the linear nature of PowerPoint presentations. Jump seamlessly between different slides and presentations with zero delay. Boomerang back to your original presentation and slide with a single click.

Privacy & Security

With Shufflrr, your content never leaves your control. Send and share your files, large and small, without the need for 3rd party applications or file limit issues. No more clogged up emails, no more version issues, no more outdated content.

Brand Control

Brand Central is an administrative feature of Shufflrr allowing you to control brand oversight for all presentations. It provides granular control of pre-authorization for approved corporate fonts, colors, and templates.

Define branded templates.

Detailed User Management

Get updates in timeline format to track files across your organization. You’ll know when someone logs in, creates a new presentation, uploads, downloads, deletes, comments, and shares.

Assign permissions and permission sets with a single click.

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