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From story to design to pitch

Beyond software support, we’re here to get your presentations as close to perfection as possible, from crafting the story you tell to refining pitches that sell.


Enterprise Storytelling strategy that flows and delivers

Don’t have a clear enterprise story? We’ll take your team through a one-day Enterprise Storytelling Sprint to quickly and clearly define your key messages and story flow. Combined with the material in your Slide Library, you’ll have the structure and assets to empower your entire organization to tell smart stories and build powerful presentations.

Services we offer:

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Presentation design that takes your slides to the next level

Need your brand assets turned into slides and templates? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s designed decks, custom graphics and animations, or refreshing your materials, you can count on us to craft presentation visuals you can be proud of. (Don’t love your current brand? We can even bring in our partners to help you develop a new one.)

Services we offer:


Pitch consulting & coaching to help you nail your presentation

Have an important presentation on the horizon? We can help you prepare. From selecting the content and developing the flow, to training on presentation skills and giving real-time pitch feedback and recommendations, we’re here to make sure your teams have everything they need to win when it matters most.

Services we offer:

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Content Manager at US Bank

​We were reinventing the wheel every time. Then we started Presentation Management. What used to take 5 hours now takes 5 minutes.

Dahlia Jenkins Product Marketing Manager

​Shufflrr enabled us to set up one central repository to share and review content which was user-friendly, efficient, and provided more insights.

Aimee Price Learning & Development, Royal Caribbean

​Our message must be consistent every step of the way. Shufflrr keeps us confident in a competitive industry.

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But that’s not all, folks...

With Shufflrr you get full Enterprise Storytelling and Presentation Management capabilities. 
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Create cohesive AI presentations in a flash.


Publish with confidence, ease and AI support.


Make your slides smarter (and more sales-savvy) with AI.

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