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Telling Your Company’s Story By Using Presentations with James Ontra of Shufflrr

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James Ontra, CEO of Shufflrr, shares how powerful the story of your business can be in closing deals. He argues that presentations, an integral part of any business, are often done inefficiently and ineffectively. Experiencing this business problem first-hand inspired Ontra to found Shufflrr, a presentation management solution.

Ontra thinks presentations are powerful because they drive the sales conversation. If a sales meeting were a movie, the presentation would be the set and effects. A product’s value can be highlighted more effectively with proof, case studies, metrics, and graphics — items a presentation can deliver.

Ontra talks about how he was able to steer a concept through changing technologies. Starting off from CD-ROMs and a heavy consulting model, he was able to iterate and transform it into an enterprise product. The key takeaway is that a solid concept is constant even if the technology changes.

Ontra discusses the advantages of working with enterprise customers. Enterprise deals may take longer to close but once they do, they bring high value deals. Volatility is lessened as enterprise customers work with their suppliers when problems arise. One key aspect is to have a solution that can be scaled effectively and enterprise applications. 

Business leaders seeking to refine or adjust their products will find several takeaways from Ontra’s experience and vision.

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