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A Sales Funnel Fit for the Modern Enterprise

As a CEO, you’re in charge of the big picture. It’s your responsibility to manage overall business strategy across product development, marketing and especially sales. It’s sales that drive business growth. You may offer the best product or service on the market, but if you can’t sell it, the business can’t function, never mind thrive. In order to thrive, we need to constantly adapt our approach to meet the demands of a changing business world.

Today’s enterprises, more than ever, rely on content. To make a sale, businesses have relied on the sales funnel, which is a detailed map of the buyer’s journey. Businesses today invest infinite amounts of resources into creating blog posts, social posts, engaging websites and different types of content to capture potential customers. This proliferation of content has changed the way we think about the sales funnel, and businesses that don’t adapt are bound to get left behind. To get the most out of the content you’re already creating, use it repeatedly throughout the sales funnel.

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