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Presentation Management – A Solution that Spans Industries

Presentation management is key to unlocking value in the business content. Your company is already creating blog posts, sales graphs and marketing collateral. That content is visualized with presentation management. Here is Presentation Management, a solution that spans industries.

You’ll want all of your content managed and located in once place, so it can quickly and easily be reused on the spot in a presentation environment.

Presentation management is also a critical component of the modern-day sales funnel, which relies on maximizing that content and dispersing it to partners and potential customers. But what types of companies benefit the most from presentation management? Any company that wants to reuse the content and deploy it to increase sales and productivity.

Many industries consistently use presentation management to introduce new products, announce added services and make sales.

To create the content, a number of different employees across departments must weigh-in.

There’s often a level of compliance to make sure the content is on-brand, on-message, and compliant.

Most importantly, is the sales team on the front lines. They rely on marketing to create, update and distribute that content.

Presentation management is a foundation for your business. It lets you get the most value out of your content because you’re constantly reusing it.

Industries that benefit most from presentation management


Pharma companies need to be compliant with a ton of content that eventually makes its way into presentation decks.

The searchable, visual slide library benefits the pharma world so well. With nothing more than a keyword, sales reps, and medical science liaisons (MSLs) can find the slide they need immediately.

Controlled permissions are useful too, ensuring the content is accessible to the correct users. Pharma companies seek out the “message compliance” feature most because it keeps content in the correct, compliance-approved order.

Tourism and Hospitality 

Whether you’re running a chain of beach motels at the Jersey Shore, or you’re the marketing chief for a chain of luxury hotels, the best way to sell your services is through rich images of sandy shores and sunsets.

Promotional videos showing sun-kissed visitors enjoying the fine-dining and ocean-blue pools also do the trick. Selling a vacation goes beyond amenities.

Prospects want to experience your resorts, and presentation management takes them there. At a moment’s notice, sales reps can bring up an image of a beautiful vacation oasis. These images will immediately stir a visceral reaction, and will make the sales prospect say to themselves – I need to go there!

With presentation management, the rep can toggle from the beautiful image to pricing at just the right time, and close the sale.


Due to high regulation, financial firms cannot risk any compliance issues.

Financial institutions need presentation management so they can be sure that specific content is always followed by the proper disclosures.

Since finance is so reliant on real-time research, analysis, and market numbers — presentation management feeds instant data into slides so presenters know they will be up to date and current at any given moment.

Financial data can be fed into formatted slides, in real-time. The broker, then, presents a client’s portfolio over coffee. Or, if there’s a swing in the market, your presentations can be updated and published out to your users almost instantly, in real-time.

Finally, through audits and reports, presentation management also allows compliance and legal to see who-did-what-when. This provides a trail of breadcrumbs throughout the content creation process.


To sell ads, media companies make compelling sizzle reels that evoke emotion from buyers.

The media can also showcase the most up-to-date audience numbers that show how many people are watching their programs. Having all assets at the ready and fresh is one reason why presentation management is so ideal.

You want your slide library up to date and accessible a the perfect repository for gigabytes worth of video.

Automatic data feeds updates all content with the timeliest Nielson and comScore ratings, providing your reps with exactly what they want at any given moment — to sell ad space.


If you rely on a presentation to sell your product or service then presentation management will help you sell better.

Pharma, tourism, finance, and media industries take advantage because it guarantees sales reps in the field share the most-up-to-date, best-performing content.

Apply presentation management to your business and watch your sales teams flourish.

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