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How Presentation Management Drives Better Speaker Bureaus

From compliance to compelling content, managing what is communicated and how it is reviewed is a critical element of all speaker bureaus. However, with the right Presentation Management strategy challenges can become substantial opportunities to engage and “wow” your audience.

In this post we examine the intersection of Presentation Management and speaker bureaus and use that context to review:

  • Management of citations and references
  • Managing disclosures and other required statements
  • Unifying and using branding elements, logos, icons, etc.
  • How to keep everyone aligned and working together

Ask anyone who’s ever participated in a speakers’ bureau in the pharma or life sciences world and they’ll tell you the same thing: It’s much more difficult than it looks. One misstep could end up costing a company a considerable amount of money or causing serious damage to a brand.

That’s because presentations given in the space need to meet the criteria of three groups, which often have conflicting interests: regulatory, brand, and speakers. It’s hard enough to give a good presentation as it is. Add in three competing interests and it becomes that much more difficult.

Presentations must adhere to regulatory requirements as ordered by the FDA. The guidelines dictate what content must be included and what content must be omitted. Essentially, what a speaker can and cannot say when discussing a drug. The risk of non-compliance can cost the company billions of dollars. The stakes are high.

The rules of compliance are often complicated. If you say XYZ, then you must present Study A and disclose Side Effects G. However, if you say ABC, then you have the option to present Study A or Study B. But if you use Study A you must disclose Side Effect G. But there are no side effects that must be included with Study B. Confusing? Yes. A typical day in the life of a pharma marketer? Yes.

Shufflrr’s Presentation Builder groups slide into modules which will ensure that all required legal disclosures are included. It enables your team (your marketing group and speakers) to adhere to the complicated requirements set by regulatory affairs. Furthermore, usage metrics are logged, so the corporate team has a record of what was presented, when, and to whom. They have evidence that their presentations are compliant.

Presentations are created to promote a brand, with its honed messaging and carefully crafted graphics. A well-
branded product not only communicates the benefits of the drug, but it also promotes a positive disposition among the target audience. This is the cornerstone of presentation management. Give everyone on your team a library of branded, up-to-date presentation content.

“Speaker programs are important in the health and life science industry. They help develop strong, rewarding relationships between stakeholders and administrators, building customer loyalty and driving sales. Many of the most respected pharma companies use these programs as a primary way to educate the medical community about the state of disease and new products.”

Speakers are typically healthcare professionals: doctors, nurses, and clinicians. Their skill and training are in healing, not positioning products or designing slick presentations.

Presentation management makes it easy for them to create professional, compliant presentations that they can then present to their colleagues. It also ensures that they can log in, review branded, compliant content that they are certified to present, and then select their topic. The output is a cohesive, professional presentation with video and other supporting media that they can then present at a symposium, luncheon, or another venue. For speakers, presentation management is a turnkey solution. It empowers them to give great presentations.

The pharma and life science industries are heavily regulated and for good reason: it’s literally a matter of life and death. In a perfect world, you could count on every participant in a pharma or life sciences speakers’ bureau to give knowledgeable presentations that fully complied with regulations while putting brands in a favorable light the same time—every single time they spoke. You’d never have to worry about someone misspeaking or forgetting to convey critical information.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Every speaker is human and everyone makes mistakes every once in a while. The good news is that instead of having to roll the dice and leave outcomes to chance, you can use Shufflrr’s Presentation Builder to help ensure speakers are giving comprehensive presentations that comply with regulations completely while helping deliver the precise message a company has in mind. The end result? Speakers effectively and compliantly get their messages across—helping brands, healthcare providers, and patients alike.

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