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Aligning Sales Intelligence and Assets

If you’re a salesperson, you may agree the greatest difficulty for sales is a lack of control. It’s not a problem specific to one business or even one vertical. It affects all sales teams in all industries and the biggest players in any field suffer from it as well.

The Issues

Validating Necessity

It’s not the salesperson’s responsibility to validate a need for the product or service in the market. Many businesses find some success selling a product with a small niche or questionable necessity. This creates the illusion of expansive necessity when it simply doesn’t exist. Selling a product without demand requires some level of deceit and an inordinate amount of work on behalf of the salesperson.

Working with Contacts

Contacts are unpredictable. Most decisions are made bureaucratically, not individually. While you may have the sell on one member of an organization, the rest of their team(s) may not be so keen on buying into your product or service. This places an even greater amount of stress on the salesperson; it’s through this challenging and lengthy sales process that the illusion of necessity may cause great issue in closing sales.

Shaping the Message

Sales leads and contacts have likely already been exposed to marketing campaigns, assets, and initiatives. It’s crucial the information a lead hears from a salesperson aligns directly with the marketing info they’ve already seen or heard. New leads are looking for holes in the plot to detect deceptive marketing and sales tactics. Time and time again, businesses establishing first contact with a new lead will over-promise—and ultimately under-deliver—in order to secure a videoconference. These tactics can only lead to downfall.

Nailing the Narrative

If all stars align and a lead seems to be the perfect customer, that lead needs to feel the same way. They won’t know it until the idea is solidified in their mind with proper evidence. Cultivating the first conversation to create the strongest sell isn’t easy and takes practice. The chances of nailing this interaction decrease with each confounding, disruptive element at play.

Moving toward a Solution

The most clear yet most commonly unsuccessful effort is to align sales, marketing, and services on their messaging. For each presentation slide, figure, visualization, and document, there should be a strong level of synchrony where all salespeople have the same up-to-date content each day.

Presentation management solves this issue by propagating branding, slide, and other content changes to all salespeople and alerting them of these new changes. This practice enhances communication to achieve full transparency and makes sales more effective.

Using this new way of thinking about sales and presentations, salespeople can create presentations from smaller slide segments cultivated to the needs of each prospect. These segments are managed individually and always contain up-to-date information.

Sales calls are better when the prospect can ask questions and have them answered with complementary visuals. By presenting with a system designed to integrate your team’s content library with advanced searching capability, your videoconferences are taken to the next level of personalization.

Get better at inbound marketing and closing sales using ethical and proven techniques designed to last. When the bottom of your boat is nothing but duct tape and patches, it’s time to replace the boat. Don’t allow the issues plaguing your sales team to result in the downfall of your business.

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