On Premises

Install Shufflrr behind your firewall to manage security within your organization. Access to critical and confidential content is entirely under your control.

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  • Windows Server
  • MS SQL
  • Any web browser
  • Greater than 500 users
  • One year commitment


  • Includes Shufflrr software, installation, presentation management consultation, roll-out, and as needed training

The 30 Day Playbook (Optional)

Week 1 Install on your network

You will require Windows Server, MS SQL, and network connectivity. Designate a location on your network and we will provide you with the Shufflrr software. Shufflrr additionally provides tech support to ensure a seamless and successful installation.

Shufflrr is also compatible with AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Week 2 Presentation Management Strategic Consultation

After Shufflrr is installed, it is imperative your enterprise use it to its greatest potential. Your assigned presentation strategist will assist you in distilling excellent content from your available assets and organizing it into Shufflrr. Your slide library will be intuitive and ready to enable members from all your teams.nt.

Week 3 Administrative Training

Learn how to accomplish important administrative tasks, including slide library and asset management, brand control, permission delegation, app integration, and account management.

Shufflrr offers unlimited free training sessions for both administrators and users.

Week 4 Build your Slide Library

Begin working both within Shufflrr and your external asset development tools. As you create content, allow Shufflrr to index its component parts and make them accessible to all users and trackable within reports.

Express your corporate story in the best way possible while saving more time than you could have imagined.

Week 5 Launch Shufflrr

It’s go time. All teams across your enterprise, including marketing and sales, will have concurrent access to an up-to-date pool of important corporate assets. Never waste time recreating lost content or sharing inaccurate information.

Present powerful, dynamic messages directly from Shufflrr in person and remotely.

Get started with Shufflrr

Exploring how Shufflrr can work for your organization is easy. Just click to book a free demo or download our AI-powered plug-in for Windows.