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The Looming Dangers of Videoconferencing

The post-COVID era is more remote — meetings both internal and external are being held on videoconferencing platforms which allow audio and video transmission to an audience of viewers. Some platforms allow for screensharing or presenting (like Present Live), but there are some items we should be more cognizant of prior to making our webcam debut.

Video feed tips:
  • Know when your camera is actively capturing. People have faced unfortunate professional and social repercussions for exhibiting behaviors unfit for a corporate audience when they thought their cameras were off. If your camera is facing toward you uncovered, it’s best to be on good behavior.
  • Assess possible sources of noise an disruption. Pets, children, and spouses who act like children are all threats to the sanctity of your video feed. Make preparations in advance to limit the possibility of disruption. (Some pets, however, have provided benefit to broadcasters working from home.)
  • Check your background and surroundings. Bottles of wine and liquor can send ambiguous messages to audiences who are unfamiliar with your personality and lifestyle. A strategically placed background item can help, though. Try positioning flowers or media relevant to your role in order to send some positive vibes.
  • Try the corporate pajama hybrid outfit. Business on top, comfort on bottom. We all want to do it. Just remember to slide out of view rather than stand, particularly if you aren’t wearing pants.
Screenshare tips:
  • If you use a Mac, turn off iMessage notifications. That sexy text from your SO was certainly not meant for a public audience.
  • Avoid file explorer accidents. Those cover letters for other companies modified last week might elicit a response neither of us can predict.
  • Use an innocuous background image. A nice geometric background or photo of nature will help your audience take you more seriously than the revealing photo of Emma Watson you currently have saved.
  • Avoid these issues with Shufflrr Present Live. Seriously. Videoconferencing gone amazing.

Check the list and check it twice. No one wants an unfortunate broadcasting experience.

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