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Oiling the Sales Machine

For many businesses, the sales process is turbulent with unnecessary cat-and-mouse communication, allowing prospects to slip through the cracks. Today, working from home has further disrupted these delicate and poorly optimized processes. Sales teams are wasting time recreating content for many reasons, including:

  • Lack of access to locally stored assets;
  • Poor content management between people and teams;
  • Inconsistent branding and product messaging;
  • Outdated data, figures, and visualizations;
  • Insufficient campaign and audience awareness;
  • Subpar internal prospect-focused communication.

An inbound marketing strategy requires a great deal of optimization regarding the crucial relationships between marketing, sales, and services. To survive in the current economic and corporate climate, the sales machine needs to be running at peak performance.

1. Leverage appointment-based scheduling.

If your goal is to get new prospects on the phone or in a videoconference with a salesperson, scheduling should rarely be a human-guided process. Utilize appointment tools like Calendly and Harmonizely to transition a prospect from conversion to scheduling seamlessly and instantly. For each day a new lead sits in your CRM without interacting with a team member, the likelihood of achieving a sale diminishes.

Get the process rolling at a steady pace.

2. Manage content in an efficient and sustainable way.

Virtual presentations, meetings, conferences, webinars, and trainings are more prevalent today than ever before. Don’t recreate the same presentation you or your team has already produced; compose your own presentations from up-to-date, premade slide segments. This practice is known as functional content and is fully supported by the Shufflrr software ecosystem.

By practicing effective presentation and content management, you’ll avoid all of the aforementioned pitfalls. Content sharing and reuse within your team and enterprise is key to achieving your business’s marketing and sales ROI potential.

3. Deliver prospect-focused presentations.

For many prospects, product demonstrations and sales calls are critical. They need to know where your product can provide value and solve challenges within their unique sales machine. Inquire about the issues your prospect is facing prior to your initial contact, then shape the presentation to answer questions as they are asked. Never delay the answer to a prospect’s concerns, as they will lose focus until you provide answers.

Dynamic presentations require the ability to display relevant content at a whim. Using advanced content search, you can swap from your current presentation into another slide segment and back again without a hitch. Your ability to present compelling and relevant visuals at a moment’s notice can make or break a new deal.

4. Support your new client for the lifetime of the relationship.

Inbound marketing strategy is fueled by happy clients. By addressing their concerns and continuing to help them best use your product, you are securing not only the existing relationship with your client, but unlocking new inroads for future clients as well. The buyer’s journey ends with a sale, but a new customer journey then immediately begins.

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