Shufflrr for Windows Powerpoint ChatGPT Plugin

ChatGPT Powered Storytelling - Straight from PowerPoint

Tired of sifting through a maze of files and folders to create the slides you need? Enter Shufflrr for Windows – the ultimate AI-powered presentation tool. With lightning-fast search capabilities and ChatGPT integration, finding slides, images, and videos has never been easier. It’s all at your fingertips, right within your PowerPoint window. No more wasted time or frustration, just seamless efficiency and flawless presentations.

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  • ChatGPT integration with PowerPoint – say hello to your AI-powered presentation assistant
  • Rapid search functionality – spend time creating wins, not digging through old presentations
  • Efficient file switching – move between PPTX files without having to change windows

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About Shufflrr

Shufflrr is a publishing platform for enterprise storytelling that streamlines the entire presentation process. We handle every aspect of your presentation workflow, from creation and distribution to feedback, reporting, and system-wide slide updates. That means your messages and slides are always up to date and on-brand, and your team can create and customize presentations with ease. With Shufflrr, you can tell a winning story, every time.