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The Complicated Issue of Finding Stuff

We have become complacent in the basic solutions standard to most industries. When we join a new team — regardless of vertical — we expect a branded email address, access to team calendars, and a cloud file storage solution. We are so blinded by thankfulness for modern cloud technologies that we fail to accept their shortcomings.

Inevitably, digital assets and file stores will require “cleaning” down the line. Your files will become messy and disorganized. What happened to our precious cloud tech? Where did things go wrong?

I can’t believe trying to stay organized has created a digital mess that actually needs cleaning.

Then, we procrastinate and the pile of lost and forgotten digital assets surmounts to a point where there is no choice but to start over. This mistake costs businesses $900 million per year.

Shufflrr solves this problem through encouragement of key principles:

  1. Version controlled content updating and propagation.
    • Maintain a collection of highly specialized slides and slide segments then use them in new presentations. When you update the master sequence, all child presentations will inherit those changes as well.
    • Choose whether to force child presentations to update or to allow those inheriting from your master sequence to hand-select specific changes.
  2. Content reuse and composition.
    • Slide segments can be reused as often as necessary and by anyone with access. Create presentations from multiple inherited sequences. Your presentation will never be outdated and you’ll never need to touch it.
    • Create hierarchical builder templates that know where to insert slide segments for the most seamless viewer experience. Alternatively, create context-independent segment heads and tails which will fit anywhere in a presentation.
  3. Brand control mechanisms.
    • As you change your corporate branding to adapt to your evolving image, your fonts, colors, and templates may change as well. Administration can manage these centrally and disseminate changes quickly and easily.
    • Rather than having old and outdated assets being used, take control of your business’s growth and transitions.
  4. Advanced, visualized fuzzy and elastic search.
    • All files are stored in their native format, but can be immediately used in a presentation, including documents (e.g. PDF) and video.
    • When you search, your results are pre-rendered and the relevant portion of content or metadata is displayed. Every slide and file is at your fingertips and nothing is out of reach, both during presentation creation and even while delivering a presentation.

Think differently about organizing and preparing your team’s content for the future. It’s time to start expecting more from the digital assets that fuel your sales pipeline.

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