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Delivering a Presentation that Doesn’t Exist

PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote share similar limitations because they offer the same product: the ability to serialize (via XML, for example) a linear slide sequence and save it as a file. To deviate from the slide sequence during a presentation, you need to remember the location of the content you need, open a new file in the corresponding software (or in your browser, if the platform supports web viewing) then cycle through the slides to reach your destination.

To say the least, this process is archaic. The audience experience is so jarring, most presenters will delay or avoid questions involving content present in another sequence. Circumstantially, breaking the content flow to search for other media can result in embarrassing or confidentiality-breaching experiences. Shufflrr provides a comprehensive solution.

Breaking the linear constraint.

Presentations delivered via Shufflrr are merely suggestions for content flow. Your sales pitches, marketing/operations meetings, lessons, trainings, and other videoconferences should be structured, but never confined to a stone sequence.

Shufflrr prepares all your files for presentation and renders them before you need them. When you need the “Q3 Banker Performance” slide, the “MSP Training” video, or “Efficacy of Prednisolone Acetate on Patient Outcomes” slide, searching for terms or metadata allows you to present that slide instantaneously and without a hiccup. It’s as though any file in your content library is part of your presentation sequence.

It’s a new way of organizing and presenting content. Your delivery is more effective because viewers are more engaged and never kept waiting for an answer to their questions. With that in mind, every presentation is unique.

The presentation that doesn’t exist.

Wielding Shufflrr to deliver home run presentations for every meeting actually saves businesses time. Through content reuse and mastery of the tool, presenters can take a vague or thorough outline for a formal talk and transform it into an engaging and audience-driven experience leveraging their team or department’s full content library. The final sequence of slides that transpired never existed. It isn’t set in stone or tangible in any way.

Following a presentation, detailed reporting will key you into the parts of your presentation that resonated most, slides that were most engaging, and other metrics to help you prepare for future presentations. In an upcoming feature, full recordings of presentations will be accessible so future viewers can take advantage of your past journeys.

In the same way your conversations follow an unpredictable and exciting path, so to can your presentations. Discover the tool giving industry leaders a deceptively powerful edge: Shufflrr.

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