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The Monster Master Presentation: Good or bad?

Do you have a master presentation with 300 (give or take) slides, from where all presentations should be built? Like a Frankenstein PowerPoint. A lot of clients call us asking what to do with them. They love the Monster Master because it has all of the essential slides about the company, their products and services, their case studies, etc. in one nice file. The question is, should we upload that Monster Master into Shufflrr and let our users pull from there?

The answer is a simple, no. Break it up into smaller modules. For several reasons.

  • Maintaining and updating one 300-slide PowerPoint is a major pain in the @$$. PowerPoint is a hog. Scrolling through 300 (+ or -) slides to find the one or two slides that need revisions is unwieldy.
  • Monster Masters tend to be big in file size, and complicated with many different elements, so uploading and then indexing them takes longer.
  • It’s easier to find a slide in a deck of 30 than in a deck of 300.
  • Different people, subject matter experts, can each manage and update their own smaller modules, according to their own schedule. No one has to wait on anyone else.

Our advice, create several smaller Master presentations, instead of one huge file.

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