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Presentations and Graph Theory

Presentation management introduces a new, fundamental component to shared enterprise content. Slides are no longer isolated ducks in a row to be viewed once and then never again. They form a recorded history with their past and relationships with inheriting slides.

A graph can be imagined in terms of a map. There are points of interest and paths connecting those points to one another. The system of nodes and pathways makes presentation management extremely efficient for content management, reuse, and updating.

When a presentation is updated, Shufflrr analyzes the presentation for changes. It records the location of those changes and makes it possible for individual updates to be propagated down the graph to inheriting presentations. This functionality being baked into the software makes typically manually and mistake-prone content changes seamless.

Shufflrr refers to the relationship between two related slides as a parent-child relationships. Several of these connections create a genealogy, or a family of connected slides.

If a child slide accepts new changes, the graph will change to reflect this; the pathway will connect to the new parent. If the child slide rejects these changes, the pathway remains the same—connected to the version of the parent that is now an item of the past.

Version history.
Individual slide change analysis.

Application of graph theory is a core component of software development. Systems like Git, Mercurial, and Subversion make it possible to store minimal amounts of data representing a history of changes and their relationships to forked content as well.

Companies leveraging the power of presentation management in their content strategy stand to save thousands of hours and millions of dollars per year. The practice reinforces:

  1. Compliance
  2. Branding integrity
  3. Content reuse
  4. File organization

PowerPoint and other presentation formats are complex in their composition, and Shufflrr allows all files to be formatted as slides, ready to present, with the ability to export to PowerPoint format.

Discover Shufflrr, the leader in presentation management, and see how content efficiency can benefit your business.

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