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Presentation Management Is Better Content Management

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Every one of us and every company does content management. We store all kinds of files somewhere on our hard drive, phone, SharePoint, DropBox, Box, etc. The list of places goes on and on. When we look for one special file, we go hunting and pecking in a bunch of different places until we find it. And then when we finally do find it, we spend another couple of hours reformatting, editing and fixing it to re-use again. The process is tedious and wastes a lot of time.

Presentation management is better content management because you can locate specific files, slides, even pages, in seconds and repurpose them in minutes. Here’s why.

All files are visualized, formatted as slides, and ready to present. If you can’t see it, you can’t find it. In Shufflrr, all files are presentation ready. You can see slide 35 in a 100 slide deck, or page 7 of a 20 page PDF, without downloading and scrolling or waiting for the file to open in another browser. You can preview your file and determine, right away, if it’s the right file for you. How much of your life has been wasted scrolling through google search links, only to hit the “back” button and start your search again. Shufflrr cuts through that annoyingness by letting you see the entire file, zoom in or out, right when you click on it.

Visualized search returns with your key words highlighted on the slide. You can see your search term and read through the slide within the context of the entire document. Just another way Shufflrr makes it easy to find your right file.

Drag & Drop to create a new presentation. One of the biggest wastes in marketing is that they create a lot of great content that never gets re-used or even used in the first place. No one knows it’s there! Shufflrr’s visual search makes it easy to find that right slide. And when you do find it, you can use it right away. You can drag & drop it into a new custom presentation, share it, and broadcast it. Shufflrr files are active, productive files, ready to work for you. 

You own your own data. Files and slides have an audit trail, a log of who, when, what slide and for what purpose is all logged and tracked within Shufflrr. You have those reports, not Google or Facebook, which you can then configure, to glean information that helps propel your business forward. Your data and content is under your control —  private and secure.

Presentation management provides complete control over your files and their usage. Shufflrr is a private, secure content management solution that makes people, content and data more productive for your company.

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