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PowerPoint doesn’t have to be a pain in the @$$

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If it’s important, it’s in PowerPoint

Slides are the lifeblood of business communications. Whether they are used for sales, training, HR, research, project planning, fund raising (you name it). Large companies have slides and presentations all over the place.

When you want to make a new presentation, and you know there’s a slide – somewhere on the network – that already exists, yet you can’t find it. You hunt and peck through folders, search through SharePoint or some other CMS, download huge files to your desktop, scroll through – maybe you find the slide – or most likely you just wasted 10 minutes and have to start all over again.

Find your slides right from PowerPoint

Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint Plugin puts your folders and their files, right in PowerPoint, while you are working on your new presentation. You can search, preview slides, find the right one, then one-click to add it to your new deck. It’s all there, right at your fingertips.

Five ways the plugin will help you make better presentations, faster

Slide Library – Shufflrr Plug-in automatically creates a slide library right inside PowerPoint. It gives you access to all your folders and files, so you can search and preview to find that one great slide, and one-click add it to the deck you are working on. You can also connect your Shufflrr site and enjoy your organized enterprise slide library the same way.

Switch between multiple presentations from your PowerPoint window – Just like you browse between Google tabs within your window, you can browse through your presentations in PowerPoint. They are all available right at the top of your Shufflrr Presentation Management panel.

Find and add slides, videos and images faster – You can view your existing PowerPoints, pictures and videos right from the ppt window, and add it with one click. You never have to leave the presentation you are working on. You never leave PowerPoint.

Brand your presentation – With Brand Central, you can apply a template to all of the slides in your current deck with one click, which will format the backgrounds, colors, and fonts. We call it Slide Clean-up.

Create a new deck with ChatGPT – Type in you your prompts, and a new presentation will be created using AI.

Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint Plugin makes creating new PowerPoint decks so much faster and easier. And it’s free.

It’s Presentation Management right from PowerPoint.

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