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Why Digital Asset Management Systems Work So Well

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Companies use Digital Asset Management systems, DAMs, to improve efficiency and productivity, enhance brand consistency and compliance, and for long-term cost savings and ROI.

The benefits of PowerPoint are a little more complicated. PowerPoint and presentations in general, are usually customized for a specific meeting, purpose, or audience. Even when the best-intentioned marketers create a PowerPoint deck, people will take a few slides, make some edits, and then add their own. Presentations are rarely grab-and-go. And once they’ve left the system, you (the marketer) lose all control over branding and messaging. You have no idea what’s being said or how the brand is presented.

DAMs can fail PowerPoint in a few ways:

PowerPoint slide preview – PowerPoint decks are made up of slides. Oftentimes, someone is looking for “that slide with the two green pie charts” but the DAM only shows the file name or the first slide. The user is forced to download the file, scroll through it, and then if they don’t find what they’re looking for, they do it all over again.

PowerPoint slide search – Similar to the issue noted above, DAMs have limited search capability. To really leverage PowerPoint decks, users should be able to search within the deck, amongst individual slides, in addition to file names and meta tags. Finding the right slide is like finding a needle in a haystack, and contextual search lets you find the needle.

Re-use PowerPoint slides – Marketers create beautiful PowerPoint Master decks with the intention that people will re-use them for their own custom presentations. Though, to do that, the person will download the Master Deck, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Better to have the ability to create a new deck, with the slides within DAM. That way, it’s always up to-date, accurate, on brand, and on message. Furthermore, with reporting, Marketers can see what’s resonating and what’s not.

To extend the benefits of your DAM to PowerPoint, you can integrate the two.

Connect your DAM to PowerPoint

With Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint Plugin, your team can see the files from your DAM in their PowerPoint window. They can work on their own PowerPoint deck, apply the brand templates, search and add compliant slides, and increase their productivity as they prep for a meeting. It’s giving them the assets, right from PowerPoint.

Slide Library inside PowerPoint – Open the Shufflrr slide library from your ribbon, and see all of the PowerPoint files, and slides, before your select one. You can search, preview and add it to your presentation.

screenshot of slide library in PowerPoint Plugin

Brand Central – Brand Central works for both Marketers and Presenters. It puts branded, compliant, PowerPoint layouts right inside PowerPoint, where their team can easily apply them. They can choose from great layouts, corporate fonts, and colors, right at their fingertips, so they can include them in their deck or slide that they are working on. It keeps the team on brand, on message, and it makes it easier for individuals to create branded, professional decks for their meeting.

Brand Central can also accommodate multiple PowerPoint templates, one for each brand and product in your company portfolio.

screenshot of brand central in the PowerPoint plugin

PowerPoint Management Made Easy – Content creators can manage the slide library from PowerPoint as well. They can open PowerPoint, update the slides, and publish back to their DAM. It’s seamless.

Integrating your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system with Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint Plugin can bridge the gaps and enhance the benefits of both tools. This integration allows your team to search, preview, and add slides directly within PowerPoint, ensuring brand consistency and improving productivity. With features like the Slide Library and Brand Central, marketers can maintain control over branding and messaging, while presenters can easily assemble professional, compliant presentations. By leveraging these capabilities, you can ensure that your presentations are always up-to-date, accurate, and on brand, ultimately maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your content management strategy.

Download Shufflrr for Windows PowerPoint Plugin

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Get started with Shufflrr

Exploring how Shufflrr can work for your organization is easy. Just click to book a free demo or download our AI-powered plug-in for Windows.