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From PowerPoint to HTML

Presentation management shines most during the presentation development process where teams save thousands of hours per year because their content is at their fingertips. It’s not just the individual slides which are viewable and ready to be used; it’s the content within the slides and relevant metadata as well.

Presentation management creates the difference between having a drawer packed with files and having the necessary files organized and ready for you on your desk.

When files can’t be seen or found easily, it’s often more appealing to recreate the content you need than to dig for minutes to hours searching for the right stuff. The usefulness of presentation management doesn’t end at the close of your meeting or videoconference, however. The same content which served you for your meeting can be leveraged on your blog or website as well.

Shufflrr’s proprietary PPTX to HTML conversion process is nuanced and powerful. Create stunning, animated presentations and immediately insert them into your website. Now, you’re using presentation management to create content for the web. Without any knowledge of animation or web development, anyone can create presentations to fill the role of videos, clips, animated tutorials, or just standard slide-oriented presentations.

Create your presentations in PowerPoint or in your Shufflrr portal, share the presentation on your website or blog using the embed snippet, and allow Shufflrr to do the heavy lifting. Immediately, your presentation will be converted to HTML and visible on your site. If you need to make changes, edit the presentation and your website will reflect those changes as well. It’s seamless and people will be left wondering which complex web tools went into making your content.

Take your skills in PowerPoint to the web without the need to learn code, animation, or video editing. It’s visually stunning, fast, and can help make the difference when bringing your content and products to your audience.

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