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Every File Is A Slide

Shufflrr formats all files as slides, so they are ready to present — ready to work for you. You can search, sort, and locate that one great slide. Then you can drag and drop it into a new deck, edit it, share it via email link, or even broadcast it with PresentLiveTM.

This is not a new concept. Think about your phone. All of the pictures and videos you have saved, the websites you browse, are already formatted as slides. And they work for you. You can shop, laugh at TikTok video, send links to friends. You even shove your phone in your friend’s face and say, “Look at this!” You are presenting.

In Shufflrr, we take the same everyday habit, and apply it to a business setting – where presentations have bottom-line results. Every file is a slide, formatted and ready to present. Your files are active, and actively working for you.

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