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Are your sales and marketing teams operating in a seamless feedback loop?

The dissemination of brand information at the executive level is critical to successful operations. But it also just as important to have an iterative feedback loop at the execution layer of your company.

Slide metrics and file data are critical to an effective Presentation Mangement strategy. Here’s a quick look at the kind of data, and how our clients use it to improve their presentations.

Qualitative Insights. We see our clients using Shufflrr as a means to share insights from the field directly on the assets that are being used. These comments and dialogues serve as great streams of feedback. Oftentimes, new and innovative ideas are presented directly in line. The ability to “like” certain slides enhances this feedback further. Once the feedback is collected, the marketing team can make the necessary tweaks and a more accurate or compelling piece of content emerges. This is valuable feedback that can substantially improve all kinds of content, from product features to pricing to branding and everything in between.

Quantitative Insights. Marketers and researchers can see which slides are being most frequently used, viewed and downloaded, indicating what their reps like and what their customers are looking for. This is also true by role and by team, which will help you quickly uncover any waste in production and opportunities for improvement. When looking at data over time (e.g., utilization rates), you can see seasonal spikes, predictors of future sales and many other insights.

Better Macro Decision Making. Not only are there granular bits of data that can be useful in Presentation Management, but you can also leverage data at the macro Presentation Management level. By combining reports and data points, for example, you can get a sense of when something is getting stale, when your sales team is going rogue and doing it on their own, or when it is time to do a refresh of your assets.

To further explore this question, sit down at a joint sales and marketing sync and see if presentations are ever brought up. Generally, these meetings are spent discussing leads and campaigns — not digital assets.

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