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Are your business development and/or sales people ready at a moment’s notice?

We touched on training above. But good Presentation Management goes so much further when it comes to internal access and preparedness.

By having access to the most up-to-date materials, your reps in the field have all company and product information at their fingertips. By virtue of this access level, they can talk intelligently about any aspect of the business, regardless of whether they were prepared for it or whether it’s their particular area of expertise.

Typically, that level of fluidity is reserved for the C-level executive, who can talk about any aspect of the business at any time off the cuff (after all, that’s how they made it to the C-suite).

Good presentations are both the armor and the weaponry of a great, successful sales pitch. When you have every point laid out in a compelling manner — and every objection addressed just as well — then you need only use convincing language and positioning to advance your agenda. This non-linear approach to sales and conversations enables your people to either be proactive or respond with the right information at the right time. Anytime.

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